Bellroy Phone Wallet

Wallet. Keys. Phone. That is the checklist almost all of us run through before we head out the door. All things said, it isn’t a bad setup, but for someone who is looking to save space, consolidating with the Bellroy all-in-one Phone Wallet is the way to go.

Like everything from the upstart leather wallet brand, this hybrid phone-case and wallet is quality made. With premium full grain vegetable tanned leather and lined with microfiber, it is designed to stand up to constant use. With room for up to 5 cards – two in the front slot, and then a few more that fit underneath your phone – you’ll definitely be using it on a regular basis. The understated design on the case complements the shape of your phone instead of hiding it under a bulky mess, while the cover gives you a break from the constant flash of notifications and updates. Protect your phone and save space with this great piece for everyday carry. Price is set at $90. [Purchase]

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