Bellroy Notebook Cover

If you are anything like us, an essential part of your everyday carry is a notebook. It’s a place to jot down ideas, organize your thoughts, and keep track of what you need to get done during the day. Now, thanks to Bellroy’s new Notebook Cover, you can finally give your little EDC notepads the respect they deserve.

Like any wallet from Bellroy, these covers are quality made with vegetable tanned leather and are designed to keep a slim profile in your pocket. In addition to the sleek look, these things are capable of holding any 3.5 by 5.5 inch notebooks as well as a passport, 4-6 cards, and a pen. Who knows, given the striking design, magnetic closure, and 3 year warranty you may ditch our wallets and just stick with one of these. Right now they’re available in five different colors including Java, Caramel, and Eucalyptus and are selling for $80. [Purchase]

Bellroy Notebook Cover 1

Bellroy Notebook Cover 2

Bellroy Notebook Cover 3

Bellroy Notebook Cover 4

Bellroy Notebook Cover 5