Bellagio Pool Table

Mar 11, 2014

Category: Living

Barely missing our list of the coolest pool tables for the man cave, the Bellagio contemporary pool table is the perfect finishing piece for your bachelor pad.

Just like the previously featured Fusion tables, this innovative design fuses your dining room table with your billiards table. One minute you’re eating dinner, and literally just 2 seconds later, you could be playing a game of 9-Ball with the fellas. Dual function furniture is perfect for small living spaces, and the Bellagio is no different. The table itself it constructed from durable oak, and comes in a variety of colors. A convenient slide out drawer hides all of your cues, balls, and chalk until you’re ready to play. There are even several different size options including 182 and 274cm, which is great for ensuring you get the perfect fit for your dwelling. Expect to fork over a large chunk of cash though, as thing will set you back about $20,000. [Purchase]

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