Bell Redefines ADV Moto Safety With A Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber MIPS Helmet

Bell has long been a market leader in the moto-lid space, releasing the first full-face motocross helmet in 1975, and spending the subsequent four-and-a-half decades delivering other ground-breaking offerings such as the first MIPS-equipped helmet. Maintaining this grand tradition, the Southern California company has once again pushed the envelope in the segment with the debut of its all-new Moto-10 Spherical motorcycle helmet.

Developed by MIPS, this MX-style brain bucket boasts state-of-the-art SPHERICAL TECHNOLOGY that helps to massively redirect impact forces through the use of traditional MIPS backed by an advanced Ball-And-Socket design in which the outer-layer rotates around the inner-shell upon impact. Boasting a cutting-edge segmented 3K carbon fiber composite shell, the Moto-10 Spherical also features a panoramic google port with a market-leading field-of-view, a naturally-cooling and antimicrobial “Virus CoolJade” liner, Bell’s flexible “Fly Bridge” visor and MAGNEFUSION magnetic emergency cheek-pad release system, and its all-new “No Missed Races” EPP bumpers on the sides of the helmet that mitigate the risk of helmet-to-body contact injuries like broken collarbones. DOT, ECE, and SNELL-certified, the helmet is sold with an included padded and lined helmet bag. Before the launch of the regular Moto-10 Spherical, Bell is producing 1,000 limited edition models — which are available now for $850.

Purchase: $850