Bell Redefines The Modular Moto Helmet With The All-New 2-In-1 Broozer

Around late 2012, Bell Helmets released its aggressive and unique Rogue helmet model — a 3/4 shell supplemented by a military-inspired protective mask. The success of the Rogue ultimately prompted Shark Helmets to release its take on the masked full-face brain bucket with its Drak and Raw models the following year. By the time Scorpion released its version of the mask-supplemented 3/4 shell with the Covert in 2016, a new helmet category had been born. After spending the last few years watching competitors take aim at their original Rogue model, Bell’s just clapped back with the release of the new Broozer helmet.

Starting with a regular 3/4-style shell similar in profile to the brand’s iconic Custom 500 Helmet, the Broozer gets a full-sized visor that drops down from the top of the eye-port. The shield extends all the way down to the Broozer’s removable chin-bar, which enables the lid’s wearer to utilize the helmet as a sleek full-faced item, or sans chin-bar as a classic 3/4 lid (with or without the drop-down visor). DOT and ECE 22.05-approved, this helmet is street legal in both its forms, and includes a removable and washable liner, adjustable forehead and chin vents, and is sold with both a clear and smoked (dark) visor. Offered in gloss or matte black, as well as in a trio of matte designs, the Bell Broozer is currently available for preorder for $262.

Preorder: $262