Belkin Boost Charge Lightning Power Bank

Look around and you’ll see that there are plenty of power banks out there that have the capability of charging your iPhone. However, the ability to juice up your iPhone by way of Lightning port is rare. With Belkin’s convenient addition of a Lightning port to their new Boost Charge Power Bank, you can quickly recharge your iPhone and lighten your cable load.

Belkin’s brand new power bank has a Lightning port sitting in the middle of two standard USBs, allowing it to be charged with the same cable used by your iPhone or iPad. This is the first time a Lightning port has been added to a portable charger with Apple’s approval. With a one-cable solution, this compact, thin and super light portable charger is ideal for fueling up your tech when you’re out on-the-go, as it packs a 10,000mAh battery. You’re able to pre-order this Apple-ready portable charger right now.

Purchase: $60