Beertop Delta Bottle Opener

Despite the explosion in popularity of the craft beer world, a well-built, substantial, and functional bottle opener, while lustfully sought after, is a surprisingly hard thing to come by. And it’s even more frustrating to know that acquiring one that is as unique and interesting as it is effective is an even rarer find. Well, thanks to Pangea Designs and their partnership with Wilmont Grinders, that quest has been made a hell-of-a-lot easier with the introduction of their Beertop Delta spinning bottle opener.

Based on an original design by Wilmont Grinders, Michael Dickson of Pangea Designs overhauled the aesthetic of the beertop and added some functionality to create the Delta–a titanium-framed bottle opener with a permanently press-fit steel ball bearing. This Kickstarter-funded bottle opener was created specifically with the idea of adding it to your everyday carry gear–it’s portable and functional, can be attached to your keychain, is fun to spin, and–if you happen to need to tighten a bolt or two–the hexagonal holes fit 3/8″ and 10mm. The Beertop Delta retails at a starting price of $55. [Purchase]

Beertop Delta Bottle Opener By Pangea Designs 1

Beertop Delta Bottle Opener By Pangea Designs 3

Beertop Delta Bottle Opener By Pangea Designs 4