Beermkr Craft Beer Brewing Machine

Homebrewing machines are common these days, but there’s always the risk of wasting your time creating beer unworthy of a weekend kickback. There’s nothing worse than throwing out your beer creation or forcing yourself to down a lackluster cold one. That’s why Brew Jacket set out to make an all-in-one countertop brewer with high-caliber production.

The Beermkr can make over a gallon of commercial-quality beer, handling both the brewing and fermentation process. It’s also 100% open, giving you the opportunity to get creative and personalize your recipes. The machine uses a recyclable brew pouch, making sanitation and cleaning a breeze, a CO2 monitoring system, and an advanced fermentation temperature control system. Through the Beermkr app, you can monitor your brew’s progress and compare your creation to other successful batches, allowing your brewing talents to evolve. It only takes five minutes to start a batch of beer and you’ll get a refreshing 12-pack in seven days or less.

Kickstarter: $329+