Beer Briefcase

What better way to roll to a party, or the office, in swagger than with a briefcase suited for carrying six of your favorite craft beers. That’s the idea behind this featured item. Each metal-look briefcase comes with combination locks to keep your precious libations protected against anyone or anything looking to ruin a good time.

Inside each case is a piece of foam, cut to snuggly fit six bottles of your prized craft or home brew. Extra foam lies on top as well to give those bottles extra protection and keep them in place. On the surface, you’ll look just like a normal person, carrying on about your business. Little do they know; you’re Party Boy in disguise. Ready to pop bottles at a moments notice. On the train, in the cab, in the office break room. Whatever you decide it doesn’t matter. Because who cares about responsibility? You’ve got beer to drink. Available now for $40. [Purchase]