Beeline iPhone Case

Built for the adventurer in all of us, the Beeline iPhone case is designed to keep you connected to the most valuable interpersonal communication tool around today. Too often those who take to the outdoors mistakingly store their phones in the wrong jacket pocket, leaving it unanchored and vulnerable to a mishandled loss. That all changes today.

Very few people nowadays will ever be keen on leaving their phone at home or at the campsite before a climb or a hike. And for those doing it for the ‘gram, Beeline’s unique series of cases blend security with a stylish design. Each case provides your phone with the right amount of protection without the gaudiness and the Stinger carabiner lets your phone stay with you no matter where the road may lead. Each carabiner is attached to 30-inches of non-fraying Kevlar cord, ensuring no matter where you clip the Beeline, it won’t’ disappoint. Available now for $50. [Purchase]

Beeline Protective Cell Phone Case 4

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Beeline Protective Cell Phone Case 2

Beeline Protective Cell Phone Case 1