Beefer High-Temperature Grill

Baking specifically, and cooking more generally is a lot like chemistry. Change one variable and you’ll get drastically different results. That special change that Beefer Grill offers? Crazy high temperatures.

Thanks to its ceramic high performance gas burner, this outdoor grill can get up to temperatures of 1,500-degrees Fahrenheit. And trust us when we say that means a whole lot more than a short cook time. Toss some steak in the grill when it is firing on all cylinders and you’ll get a cut with a caramelized exterior and a juicy interior. Additionally, grillers will capture a lot of juice from the meat in the gastro tray at the bottom of the griller, making it easy to save for sauces. The Beefer Grill comes in this smaller size, as well as the Beefer XL and Beefer XL Chef for those who are dead serious about whipping up amazing backyard meals this summer.

Purchase: $900