Beddit Sleep Monitor

Toxins build up in your brain throughout the day, but a good night’s sleep allows the brain to do some housekeeping and flush them out. The Beddit Sleep Monitor can help assist you in obtaining the appropriate amount of sleep so you can wake up refreshed and toxin-free to rule the day.

The Beddit Sleep Monitor and its accompanying app track your sleeping conditions automatically to help you analyze your rest data and improve your shuteye. Just slip the 2mm flat, soft sensor strip under your sheet and it will measure heart rate, breathing, sleep time, snoring, humidity, and bedroom temperature. Set daily bedtime goals and motivate yourself with tip notifications, such as weekly reports, morning results, and reminders. You won’t even notice the sensor is there as it gathers critical data to help you get the best sleep possible. This sleep monitor requires iOS 12 or later.

Purchase: $150