BeatsX Wireless Earbuds

It seems like everyone in the audio industry is hopping on the wireless earbud trend. But, the truth is, we love the competition it’s breeding. There are literally dozens of worthwhile choices out there now. That also means it’s harder for those options to stand out amongst the crowd. And while we shouldn’t be surprised that Beats, being as massive as they are, created a noteworthy pair of earbuds, we certainly weren’t expecting these.

Dubbed BeatsX, these Bluetooth-enabled earbuds don’t boast a particularly stand-out style. In fact, at the initial release they’ll only be offered in a toned-down black and white. It’s the tech inside, however, that makes them so impressive. They feature much of the things we’ve come to expect – 8 hours of total playtime, an onboard mic, and quality sound – but they also offer noise-isolation and a new tech, called Fast Fuel, which enables them to play for 2 hours on just a 5 minute charge. Which is an insane prospect made real by the inclusion of Apple’s new W1 chip. When they hit the market, these must-have wireless earbuds will retail for $150. [Purchase]