Storyteller’s ‘Beast MODE’ ADV Van Can Reach Virtually Any Remote Locale

Storyteller Overland isn’t a new face in the world of top-tier camper conversions. The company’s lauded MODE4x4 line has been around for some time, giving travelers access to off-road-ready Mercedes-Benz Sprinters with 4×4 running gear installed directly from the factory. But now, Storyteller has decided to take its already-premium offering in a more capable direction with the aptly-named “Beast MODE” camper van.

The Beast MODE arrives on a similar chassis as its counterparts, starting as a Mercedes Sprinter 144 2500. Inside, you’ll find all of the same amenities and design upgrades as the outfit’s standard offerings, including thermal and acoustic insulation, increased living space afforded by FlareSpace flares on the exterior of the van, and HALO Hidden Shower and FlexSpace systems. To power it all, a Volta-sourced M-Power lithium management system has been introduced, working alongside the vehicle’s precision-tuned suspension system, Fox shocks, Sherpa rack system, and Hella Lights’ long-throw LED illumination to provide adventurers with one of the industry’s most formidable off-road rompers. Essentially, the Beast MODE camper van is a test subject for Storyteller’s ever-evolving consumer ecosystem, placing top-end components above all else. Sadly, the Beast MODE isn’t slated for production just yet, but that could always change.

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