Smartphones are great. With nothing more than a few taps of your fingers you can get a date, hail a cab, and even buy yourself a pizza. When you’re out in the wilderness without any signal though, they are as useful as a well designed rock. Or at least that was the case before Beartooth came around.

This innovative device connects to your phone via bluetooth and then puts you in touch with a network of other users within a ten mile range. This makes it so you can essentially turn your phone into a super functional walkie-talkie. In addition to talking, this device makes it so you can pin your location, send out text messages to your team, and even load maps so you can stay on course – all without a signal. You can pick up the Beartooth system for your summer adventures for around $100. [Purchase]

Beartooth 1

Beartooth 2

Beartooth 000