The Baxley Moto Is A Futuristic Hubless Hub-Steered E-Bike Concept

Though hub-center-steered configurations have existed since the early 1900s, with models like the Ner-a-Car, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the unusual “front-swing-arm” setup started appearing on production models such as Bimota’s Tesi and Yamaha’s GTS1000. Dividing the braking, steering, and suspension into distinct functions, hub-center setups mainly exist today as an aesthetic novelty on boutique models — employed to bestow two-wheels with a wholly idiosyncratic appearance. And that appears to have been the motivation behind the use of the hub-center steering configuration on the Baxley Moto Concept, which furthers the unique nature of this structural setup by adding entirely hubless rims to the equation.

A product of Hollywood-based concept artist and vehicle designer, Shane Baxley, this unique fully-electric motorcycle rendering combines the classic hub-center setup with a hubless wheel array fore and aft, providing a thoroughly futuristic vibe. A carbon-fiber monocoque body sports a perched tail section and protruding sliders to protect the body and frame should the shiny side go down. The Baxley Moto is also equipped with low-mounted handlebars that make for an aggressive, hunched-forward riding position. And while it only exists in conceptual form, the Baxley is a machine that we’d love the opportunity to pilot.

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