These Beautiful Jackets Are Built From Real Recycled Parachutes

The outerwear industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to create gear, and with a veritable slew of technical improvements, fabrics, and materials making their way into the clothing realm, it’s become something of a “golden age” for ambitious designers. Baumm, a small outfit hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, is taking the process a step further — giving new life to an unlikely medium in the form of uniquely-tailored, functional jackets.

The company’s new design found its footing in 2005 when founders Rodrigo Chapero and Lucas Desimone made their first book bag out of a discarded PVC and vinyl. To find an advantageous outlet for their past time, the pair decided to turn to the fabrics used in decommissioned parachutes to expand their design endeavors — acquiring, dismantling, and reinterpreting specific examples that had accrued over 300 hours of flight time. Instead of letting them go to waste, Chapero and Desimone saw promise in the material, recycling it into their handmade outwear. The result: an ultra-light windbreaker that’s both aesthetically ambiguous and functional, complete with authentic typography, bright colors, and bespoke originality that can only come from thinking “outside the box.” Prices are set at $88 per jacket.

Purchase: $88