Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers

For when the going gets tough and the whiskey just isn’t cool enough there’s the Battle-Rattle whiskey chillers, the most dangerous whiskey rocks around. Modeled after various military-grade weaponry, these whiskey chillers will add a much needed dangerous element to your dram, all while simultaneously keeping cool.

Battle-Rattle is a small business owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran. They also employ service-disabled veterans to conduct design work and they recycle all scrap steel from production. Battle-Rattle gives back as well, meaning with every purchase a portion of the proceeds goes toward veteran service organizations each quarter. Each whiskey chiller is made here in the USA from stainless steel leaving no after taste in your glass and they’re purposed to help all whiskey drinkers raise a glass to the men and women, both past and present, of the armed forces. There are several sets available offering differing assortments of weapons such as frag grenades, sabot rounds, mortar rounds and land mines. And with a mission like theirs, it’s hard to not to support such a cause. Each set is available for around $70.[Purchase]

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 2

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 1