Like nearly everyone else reading this, we’ve got countless disposable alkaline batteries powering our devices in both our office and household. It also seems that we are constantly moving from one device to the next, replacing batteries every few weeks. For just a few bucks, Batteriser looks to increase that short lifespan by up to 800 percent.

Most batteries only use about 20% of their full capacity, because although the average AA battery is rated for 1.5 volts, after a few uses it drops below 1.35 volts, and the cell is now rendered useless for most electronic devices. Batteriser is an ultra slim voltage booster designed by electrical engineer Bob Roohparvar. It works on disposable batteries, AAA through D, and thanks to its slim design, the metal sleeve can fit right inside the gadget you’re powering. The Batteriser will cost just $2.50 per sleeve when it releases, and is also reusable, with a virtually unlimited shelf life. [Purchase]

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