Batmobile Concept

The Batmobile has gone through almost countless revisions since it first appeared in the 1939 Detective Comics. From looking both totally kitsch with silly windshields and exaggerated body, to a high tech piece of military equipment in the more recent films – it has covered nearly every design base possible. There is always room for improvement, though, as Bulgarian designer Encho Enchev has pointed out with his Batmobile Concept.

Looking like a cross between a super-car and the Nolan trilogy tank, this thing comes equipped with tires taller than the body of the car itself, and with a couple of big cannons hooked to its side to take out Gotham’s most terrifying villains. In short, the thing is a fighter jet on wheels. Now we just have to make sure the next Batman movie is as good as this design.

Batmobile Concept 1

Batmobile Concept 2

Batmobile Concept 3

Batmobile Concept 4