Batmobile Blueprints

Oct 30, 2014

Category: Living

Pssst… Hey! You got connections with the Joker? Don’t tell Commissioner Gordon or anything, but we’ve managed to get our hands on the blueprints of the Batmobile (designed by Robert Lattin). Yes, the inner details of Batman’s iconic do-it-all ride are right here in purple and white.

A closer look at the extraordinary components reveals a blast proof windshield, jet engine, steerable thruster panels, high-speed air intake system, a nail ejector port, and machine gun casing replacement access. No cup holders though. Damn. Maybe there’s no time for lattes though when the Penguin is shooting missiles at you. Fun fact: The Batmobile from the live-action, Adam West Batman show was a customized 1955 Lincoln Futura which had been used in the 1959 film It Started with a Kiss.

Batmobile Blueprints 2

Batmobile Blueprints 3

Batmobile Blueprints 4

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