This Versatile Utility Shirt Is The Perfect Option For Practically Any Occasion

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In many ways, button-down shirts are a lot like watches — there are countless styles to choose from, and each one has its own unspoken dress code regarding when it should and should not be worn. That being said, every so often there comes an option that’s truly genre-bending, blurring the lines between casual and utility so effectively that it can manage to pull both off quite competently.

Just take the Editor from Batch Shirts, for instance. At first glance, it has all the makings of a hard-wearing work shirt, such as a medium-weight construction, a pair of dimensional utility pockets, and even some reinforced seams on the chest and body. And, in many ways, it’s just that — a shirt that’s ready to roll up its sleeves and take care of business. However, because it features a 100% mercerized cotton construction, it’s also incredibly comfortable, making it a great option for daily wear. And when you consider that it comes with a sharp tailored fit and some premium mother-of-pearl buttons, it’s even capable of doing casual work at the office. While it’s available in everything from ‘Olive Green’ to ‘Dark Burgundy,’ we’d have it in black for its go-anywhere, match-anything versatility. You can buy the Editor Shirt at the link below for $82.

Purchase: $82