Basil Hayden’s Latest Bourbon Comes With Its Own Built-In U.S. Field Guide

Simply by virtue of its complexity of flavors and its inebriating effects, sipping on a bourbon can be an adventure unto itself. But whiskey can also function as a catalyst for or a celebration of other adventures, as well. And we have to assume this is what Basil Hayden’s was considering when they paired up with Wildsam on their Points of Interest Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Inside each Points of Interest bottle, you’ll find the same smooth, sweet, and spicy spirit Basil Hayden’s is known for — perfect neat, on the rocks, or even in a classic cocktail. But take a closer look at the label and you might just realize that it unfolds into a handy Wildsam Field Guide, complete with tidbits of information about the lesser-known parts of the United States, historical vignettes, and even recipes. Better still, if you live in Northern or Southern California or Brooklyn, NY, there are special bottles whose field guides cater specifically to those regions. Priced at just $40 a bottle, this unique, adventuresome whiskey is available now.

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