Baseball Bats by Pillbox Bat Co.

Launched just last February, Pillbox Bat Co. designs and crafts stylish baseball bats just in time to kick off the 2016 MLB season. The name comes from the old Downtown Park in St. Paul, MN. It was so small in fact that it was indeed nicknamed (you guessed it) the “Pillbox,” and that only hits over the center field fence were recognized as home runs.

Founders, Zak Fellman and Dan Watson feel that references such as this are a testament to American baseball and those sandlot pickup games of years past. Each bat is crafted from tree limbs and painted with house paint, right here in the U.S.A. Pillbox offers several different designs for those interested including the “Three Strikes-Flamethrower,” “The Chicago Flag,” and “Pinstripes,” featured above in descending order. So go ahead, let these crafted wooden bats take you back to a simpler time when vintage was a reality, not a photo filter. Available now for $195. [Purchase]