Base Camp X Wendigo

Hatchets, axes, and tomahawks are all very useful tools, but they have their drawbacks. For example, their relatively small cutting surfaces make them best suited for swinging. Which limits their overall value. When creating their Wendigo, these are exactly the kinds of things Base Camp X took to heart. And the results are stellar.

Crafted in Nepal from reclaimed 5160 high carbon steel, these campground tools are the brand’s answer to the hatchet. The machete-style design allows for the same wide swings, but with a larger cutting surface. And the sharpened chisel tip is perfect for smaller, more detail oriented cutting, slicing, and boring tasks. It even has a pommel at the bottom end of the redwood handle for smashing and grinding. With blade lengths of 8, 10, and 12 inches, this all-in-one bushcraft cleaver will cost you $255, $285, or $315, respectively. [Purchase]