Barn Find: 1981 BMW M1

When it comes to classic cars, nothing is quite as tantalizing as the barn find – the idea that you could stumble upon an automotive relic in complete disrepair and bring it back to life. But the drool-worthy factor of the barn find often depends upon the car itself. And this one, a 1981 BMW M1, might be the holy grail.

Though found in heartbreaking condition – covered in a thick coat of dust with garbage piled on top of it – this beautiful early supercar has ben resurrected to its former glory, thanks to the experts at BMW Classic Group in Munich. Along with a complete restoration, this car also has just over 4.4 thousand miles on the odometer and, believe it or not, was never actually registered. It also comes with all its original tools, books, and luggage – making this maybe the most impressive M1 still in existence. And it can be yours for $1,190,200.

Purchase: $1,190,200