Barn Find: 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark II Coupe

It’s not often that one stumbles upon much more than a rusty old lawnmower when digging through a barn. But earlier this year, Marvin Biren of Massachusetts recalled the treasure he had buried under a tarp in his barn, and decided it was time to dredge it up – to the delight of collectors everywhere. Biren’s 1954 DB 2/4 Mark II Coupe is going up for sale, and its super rarity will make for a barnburner of an auction.

Though a bit on the dilapidated side, the 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark II Coupe is one of the rarest cars on Earth, and more than worthy of restoration. One of just 16 1954 DB2/4 Mark IIs ever produced, the car owns the distinction of being the first production model with a Tickford coach built in Newport Pagnell, England. Only six of the 16 models built made it across the pond to the United States, making Biren’s DB 2/4 a model of unparalleled rarity. Though not near mint, the Aston Martin still sports its original Avon spare wheel, owner’s manual, tire jack, grease gun and spark plug holder. Laying dormant in Biren’s shed since 1977, the sports car gathered some dust – but not enough to deter collectors from salivating over this recherché restoration project.

Purchase: $265,000+