Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock by Josh Renouf

May 9, 2016

Category: Tech

There is a real difference between getting up and waking up. Sure, you may be up and walking around your house after your alarm rings – but it could be a while before you actually feel sharp and ready for the day. This coffee alarm clock by industrial designer Josh Renouf does its best to both get you up out of bed and wake you up by automatically brewing a cup of your favorite coffee right after buzzing you up.

When the clock strikes the right time, water in this wooden-framed clock begins to boil thanks to the movement of stainless steel ball bearings that heat via conduction. Once the water reaches the correct temperature, it is siphoned into a stainless steel cone filter suspended above a cup in a glass catch. The whole process creates a mosaic of sounds and smells that make getting out of bed that much smoother. If you are the kind of person who looks for some cream and sugar with their coffee, the clock includes a compartment for refrigerating a small amount of dairy and a drawer for loose grounds and sugar. This particular gadget is still in development but when it is on the market you can expect it to retail upwards of $300. [Purchase]

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 1

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 2

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 4

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 5

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 6

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 7

Barisieur Coffee Clock By Josh Renouf 8

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