Enjoy Gourmet Eats At The Campsite With These Folding Steak Knives

Feasting on a flavorful meal during your camping trip is a unique experience, as nothing beats Mother Nature’s dining views. However, in order to make your outdoor meal experience enjoyable, you’ll need the proper utensils. The Barebones Folding Steak Knife Set will allow you to cut through your marinated meats so you can savor your dishes in the wild.

The Barebones Folding Steak Knife Set consist of two high-quality cutting tools with the practicality of a pocket knife. Each of the two folders has a reliable 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with a liner lock for security while you slice through your steak. The set also features a rich composite wood handle with a beautiful dark walnut finish. Whether you’re going on a backcountry adventure or having a picnic meal at your local park, this handsome knife set is ready to go. You can pick up the elegant knife set today for $55.

Purchase: $55