Barber Shop Candle

There are a few scents out there that are inexplicably enjoyable – like gasoline, fresh cut grass, or old books. They don’t come from food or flowers and they aren’t necessarily associated with memories. They’re just good. But we don’t get to smell them as often as we’d like to. So, when someone can harness such a strangely gratifying scent in, say, a wax candle, we get pretty excited. And it would seem like the folks at Cool Material have done just that with this, their Barber Shop Scented Candle.

Don’t ask us why. There’s no singular definitive or tangible reason that classic barber shops smell so appealing. They just do. And the makers of this candle understand that. Each of these 1-pint cans come full of the smell of such joints in the form of a 100% soy wax candle. And each are made entirely by hand here in the USA. So whether you’ve just come from getting a fresh cut and you already miss it or you haven’t had a trim in years, just light this candle and breath deep. We promise we wont judge. These candles retail for $25. [Purchase]