Barbara Custom Motorcycles

We cover a lot of custom motorcycles on a weekly basis. And often times, to what we can only assume is our readers’ displeasure, most of these beautifully crafted custom rides either aren’t for sale of are simply one-off projects left in-house. Well, now’s your chance to see for yourself what possibilities are out there for your most prized possession. Thanks to Barbara Custom Motorcycles.

With the help of a little software and a couple brilliant minds, BCM can take a photo of your current bike and let you test out all manner of fabrications, from a new fuel tank to a full-on Mad Max rebuild. They’ll take your bike through the Photoshop gauntlet and help you visualize the results. From here you’re free to take these renderings to the workshop of your choice. Talk about your MTO custom workshop with endless possibilities. Be sure to drop them a line if interested.

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