Banksy Just Opened A One-Of-A-Kind Online Home Goods Store

Iconic, enigmatic, and practically ubiquitous at this point, Banksy has gone from being a curiosity of the graffiti world to a household name. Still, he/she is as cryptic and hard-to-gauge as ever. As it turns out, however, even this mysterious artist is not free of the woes of the free marketplace. In direct response to a “greeting cards” company trying to take the Banksy name, the artist has opened his/her one-and-only online store, called Gross Domestic Product.

Interestingly, the store started as a brick-and-mortar — although the physical location served exclusively as a placeholder and display window for the online-only shop. Now, however, it has shifted entirely to an online marketplace comprised of home goods, a select number of t-shirts, and various other knick-knacks — all boasting Banksy’s signature socio-political lampoon stylings. From a police riot helmet disco ball to a Tony the Tiger rug and even an engraved tombstone, the items will be available via a registration/raffle system that only allows one item per person. Prices range from $13 to over $1,000 — and likely every single item will sell before the shop inevitably shuts down for good.

Purchase: $13+