Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Eclipse OLED 4K TV

Bang & Olufsen have long been one of the most prominent names in audio manufacturing and design for decades. Having mastered one fifth of the sensory perception sphere, they’re taking aim at vision – or rather, tele-vision – with their BeoVision Eclipse OLED 4K TV.

B & O’s foray into television tech has produced a beautiful, wood-covered television that sits in any room like a work of art. The dazzling structure is no surprise, as the audio company has accrued plenty a design award over the years. While it may seem like B & O is going out on a limb by making the leap into televisual territory, they are really returning to their roots – Bang & Olufsen manufactured televisions as early as the 1950s. What is definitely far from surprising, is the brawny sound system  for which B & O is known, and with which the Eclipse comes equipped: a 450-watt, 3-channel speaker system built into a handsome wooden soundbar, promising to produce foundation-shaking sound. The Eclipse will be available for purchase at the end of this month.

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