Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20 Wireless Speakers

There are a lot of quick and dirty wireless speaker solutions out there, but if you demand premium sound quality, you’ve had precious few choices in the wireless arena so far.

Bang & Olufsen’s newest floor speaker, the BeoLab 20, promises to raise the bar of wireless audio to new heights with its ‘Immaculate Wireless Sound’ technology built into the strikingly elegant design. Designers say the Acoustic Lens tweeter is the key to its brilliant sound, with its 180-degree horizontal dispersion spreading smooth high-frequency sound evenly throughout the room. The aluminum base is not only attractive and sturdy, but it also boosts bass performance. Around back there’s more style and function with the soft-black cooling grill dispersing the warmth, eliminating the chance of overheating. [Purchase]

Bang Olufsen BeoLab 20 Wireless Speakers 1

Bang Olufsen BeoLab 20 Wireless Speakers 2