Bang & Olufsen Is Giving Its Stunning Beogram Turntable A Modern Redux

First introduced during the 1970s, the Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 set the turntable benchmark with its eye-catching aesthetics and impressive performance. Through its Classics series initiative, Bang & Olufsen will be restoring existing audio products in the very same factories where they were originally built. As the first product to get a reboot, the Beogram 4000 kicks off the initiative with a resounding bang.

In order to prepare the Beogram 4000 for its 21st-century refresh, it’s first disassembled by a team of expert technicians. Once its needs have been identified, the turntable is then cleaned top to bottom and rebuilt with new parts. Finally, it’s tested and fine-tuned until it’s given the green light. But that’s not all — with its refurbishment, the Beogram 4000c gains a number of notable updates. On the exterior, it features a new champagne-colored anodized finish, as well as a hand-crafted solid oak frame and a fresh dust lid. And when it comes to the internals, the Beogram 4000c comes fitted with an RIAA phono pre-amplifier including phono and 3.5mm connections, meaning you can connect to most modern audio equipment with ease. Available on October 19th, the Beogram 4000c will cost $11,000 and be limited to just 95 examples.

Purchase: $11,000