Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents

Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents 1
If you’ve ever camped out at a music festival, you already know just how frustrating it can be locating your base camp in a sea of tents. Former MTV festival presenter Rob Bertucci was sick of it, and decided to create his vibrantly colorful range of Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents.

Available in 6 different styles (including chopped wood, grass, jelly beans, and butterflies among others), these 4-person tents also ensure you stay connected to the digital world by keeping all of your gadgets fully charged. The secret lies in the 5W solar panel that soaks up rays from the sun into a lithium battery bank that hooks up to any of your mobile devices through a USB cable. Bang Bang Tents are more than just loud designs, and high-tech gadgetry though. These things were specifically designed for music festivals, and were built to withstand anything Mother Nature can throw your way during the festival – from windy rainy nights to scorching summer days. [Purchase]

Bang Bang Solar-Powered Tents 2

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