B&O’s 88″ Beovision Harmony Is The World’s First-Ever 8K OLED TV

Bang & Olufsen has long been recognized as an innovative and boundary-pushing market leader in the high-end electronics space, though the Danish outfit has taken a break from its high-fidelity speaker systems and shifted its attention to premium screens, resulting in the release of the all-new Beovision Harmony: the world’s first-ever 8K OLED TV.

Offering as much as 16-fold the detail and clarity of conventional HDTV units, these smart TVs pack a host of AI-enabled features that allows them to optimize the presentation of specific types of programming, from concerts to sporting events to nature documentaries. The screens’ remarkably picture quality is made all the more impressive by the Beovision Harmony’s immense size, which comes in 65”, 77”, or 88” (aka 7.33’!). The Beovision Harmony’s stellar picture quality is matched by the product’s top-notch three-channel sound system and subwoofer. Controlled via an included Beoremote (universal remote) fashioned from aluminum, these TVs are built atop hand-worked wood panel arrangements with aluminum accents. Offered in four colors — Smoked Oak; Natural Oak Wood; Black Fabric; and Walnut — the Bang & Olufsen Beovision Harmony is slated for a June release, with pricing starting at $15,700+ for the 65”, jumping to $19,800 for the 77”, and topping out at a whopping $49,000 for the 88”.

Purchase: $15,700+