Bandit9 Dark Side Motorcycle

In true Bandit9 fashion, the Vietnam-based workshop is back on the scene with yet another sleek and futuristic looking ride for the ages. This time, they went dark with the build dubbed – naturally – as “Dark Side.” Beautiful, mysterious, terrifying. It’s what Bandit9 does best.

For their initial inspiration, the crew looked not towards other builders in the industry but instead at aircraft aerodynamics – and of course the Harley Davidson 750. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice the unibody fuses the fuel tank, cowl, seat, and brake light in one handsome piece, much like a Boeing fuselage. Now, while it’s not powered by a jet engine, there’s still a lot to be said about the Revolution X engine that rests under the saddle. Specifically, the 750cc liquid-cooled engine with a 60° V-twin that lowers the bike’s center of gravity for better handling while making it very responsive in high speeds. The entire bike is also made from lightweight steel, coated in a high-temperature ceramic finish, boasts an LED front headlight, brake and turn signal, and is limited to just nine available editions. Be sure to drop them a line if interested.

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