Banale Omni-Pillow

There are some things in life that are just hard to get right. Finding the perfect-fitting jeans, that ideal pair of headphones (that your pets don’t chew through), or grabbing a great travel pillow are chief among them. Thankfully for us, Milan-based design studio Banale has solved the latter issue with their Omni-Pillow.

This brilliant pillow not only wraps around your neck on that long train ride or flight, but it can fold in two to act as a proper pillow, or as an extra soft ‘pillow topper’ cushion that you can place in your pillow case. That means you can use it to rest how you want to rest rather than having to simply make due with what you brought. In addition to being dynamic, this pillow also offers up a couple of other benefits. First off, it’s water resistant. That means you can strike out into the backcountry or step out into the rainy streets without worrying about it getting soaked. Need a safe place to put your phone while napping on the train? The Omni-Pillow has a slot for that. Oh, and did we mention that it’s comfortable? Because all that memory foam most definitely makes it easy to fall asleep on.

Purchase: $55+