This Bamford & Black Badger Tag Heuer Auto Watch Has A Recycled Coffee Dial

The idea of a coffee-colored watch isn’t anything new. In fact, many of today’s Tropical variants utilize the magnificent bean’s hue as a standardized sheen for straps, dials, and components, helping to root them in equatorial culture. Now, Bamford and Black Badger have joined forces for an interesting collaboration that takes the espresso-colored genre to greater heights — and this time, they’ve used real coffee.

The all-new Bamford x Black Badger Tag Heuer watch calls upon a proprietary dial crafted from recycled coffee beans, creating a modern timepiece that adheres to many of the industry’s traditional design practices. To achieve this, Black Badger reached out to Cafe Da Matteo, an illustrious roastery located in Göteborg. Each dial is carefully shaped and created using coffee that has been prepared and ground especially for the watch, before being set into its titanium-coated, stainless steel case. Inside, an accurate Tag Heuer Calibre 5 movement and 38-hour power reserve have been co-opted to keep the example punctual and precise. Only 20 of these unique models are slated for production, so head over to Bamford’s website to acquire one of your own for $6,695.

Purchase: $6,695