Balmuda’s Revered & Innovative Steam Toaster Is Finally Arriving In The USA

We’ll be the first to admit that a countertop toaster might not seem like the most interesting, or appealing piece of gear. But when that same traditional kitchen essential is brought into the contemporary realm by a brand like Balmuda, we’re more than willing to change our tune — especially since the company’s lauded bread-browner is finally within reach of North American consumers.

That’s right, Balmuda’s famous toaster is already widely available throughout Japan, fostering its reputation as one of the most revered kitchen items in the east. Instead of the traditional heating components that you might find inside a modern toaster oven, Balmuda’s offering introduces a revolutionary, steam-induced layout that seals moisture within the bread, while still providing the crisped exterior that we’ve come expect from our in-home toast makers. You’ll be able to choose between five different heat-controlled modes to take on almost any type of food, including pizzas, pastries, sandwiches, and artisanal bread, without having to worry about the dismissal of the item’s aroma, flavor, or texture. Head to Balmuda’s website, where the toaster has just receive a North American release, to buy your own.

Purchase: $329