Ballo Stool by Humanscale

Aug 27, 2015

Category: Living

Ergonomic seating is a principle that many have adopted, and while sitting is basically the new smoking– more and more people are shifting the ways in which they work. In a world where days are a whirlwind and meetings are impromptu, furniture should be able to be mobile, fun and most of all, health-centric. Humanscale has a solution for that with ‘Ballo’. Literally deriving from the Italian meaning of “to dance”, Ballo was created by one of the great innovators behind ergonomic seating, Don Chadwick. Chadwick was a part of the team that created the Aeron chair and still heads countless insightful designs today.

Ballo works just like a stability ball in a smaller, playful, more compact package with pleasing visuals. The top and bottom portion are comprised of flexible, non-slip TPV polymers that allow for core stability while you go about your other business. Ballo is weighted at the bottom to keep each seat standing even when not in use, and at a mere 13.5 pounds Ballo can be picked up and put just about anywhere. These durable seats come in just about any color you’d want, too. Take your pick of one (or all) of the seven choices: Black, grey, yellow, red, green and two differing blue hues. [Purchase]

Ballo Stool by Humanscale 1

Ballo Stool by Humanscale 2

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Ballo Stool by Humanscale 5

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