Balenciaga Shoots For The Stars With An Exhaustive NASA-Inspired Apparel Line

As much as it’s captivated the world with its interstellar exploits, NASA has also proven to be quite the hot commodity in and amongst pop culture. Because let’s face it. Whether it’s a watch, a shirt, or even a pair of shoes, if it’s sporting some Worm script or a Meatball logo, chances are good that it’ll sell out sooner rather than later.

One of the more recent and more tasteful NASA “collabs” comes in the form of Balenciaga’s exhaustive FW21 collection. Headlined by a $5,000 ‘Space Parka’ — designed to resemble authentic astronautical outerwear — it includes everything from socks and scarves to carabiners, belt packs, and even bomber jackets. Across the board, you’ll find bold, blocked colorways in blue, black, and white along with a heavy emphasis on the NASA imagery, incorporating mission-inspired details like Apollo patches and American Flags. Between the clear design influences and the understated Balenciaga branding, it makes for one of the better drops we’ve seen in a while. Now if only prices didn’t start at $150 for a pair of socks. Check it out at the link below.

Purchase: $150+