BajaBoard Off-Road Electric Skateboard

The only thing better than a skateboard is an electric skateboard, and the only thing better than an electric skateboard is one that can rip around dirt trails in the backcountry. So by that set of reasoning, the BajaBoard may be the best skateboard ever built.

Constructed as an ATV crossed with a snowboard, the BajaBaord runs on your choice of either a 600Wh or 900Wh battery and can hit up to 31 miles per hour while zooming around the city or your local dirt trails. The large 10 inch pneumatic tires paired with independent suspension for each wheel allows the 4WD board to crunch over stumps and rocket off of jumps on rides as long as 18 miles. And for those who want realtime feedback on their speed, battery life, and throttle – the handheld remote boasts an LCD screen with feedback on all of the stats you could want. There’s even LED headlights and taillights to help you navigate through the dark. Get your own board for $3,000. [Purchase]