Bagtag Electronic Label

The worst part about traveling is your time spent at the airport. Waiting in line, going through security and checking in your bags is a list of tedious, but necessary, tasks to check off before you step onto the plane and ascend into the clouds. Luckily, the Bagtag was created to make the process easier.

Founded in the Netherlands, the Bagtag is an electronic label that conveniently allows you to check in your suitcase whenever and wherever. You can skip those long lines at the airport, reducing the risk of your luggage getting lost in the sea of suitcases. From the comfort of your home, hotel or even at the beach, you can update your suitcase label and check in your luggage with a single click. Not only is it convenient, but it’s tough enough to take on the rigors of modern travel with its impact absorbing lens. Additionally, this water-resistant electronic label has a high-resolution e-paper display, reducing the potential for error. Furthermore, all of the data sent to your Bagtag is hardware encrypted, so that you’re the only one that can make changes, making it much safer than regular old paper labels. Currently, the Bagtag can be used on Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian flights.

Purchase: $105