Backcountry Hut’s $21K Flat-Pack A-Frame Cabin Can Be Built In Under A Week

The Backcountry Hut Company was founded in 2015 as an extension of its creators’ love for the outdoors, focusing on natural adulation, exceptional build principles, and a minimal footprint for each of its proposed dwellings. Now, the company has built its smallest living structure to date with the “System 00” prefabricated A-Frame cabin.

System 00 arrives as an essential living space for artists, musicians, and off-grid enthusiasts, thanks to its compact demeanor. Boasting a 10 x 10-foot lower establishment and a modest loft area for sleep and relaxation, the enclosure prioritizes bare necessity and emphasizes a pure, unadulterated connection to one’s surroundings. While the company’s other DIY projects are a bit larger, the System 00 cabin’s simplistic nature allows for it to be built in under a week, without a need for additional machinery, and can be constructed without a permit, depending on your intended use and location. Head to The Backcountry Hut Company’s website for more information on its smallest A-Frame, which starts at an attractive $21,085.

Purchase: $21,085