Axis VIDIUS Mini Drone

There are plenty of nano drones that claim to be the smallest drone ever created. But the real world’s smallest drone title belongs to Axis Drones’ incredibly tiny Vidius¬†quadcopter.

This tiny drone is shorter than a quarter standing up, and it’s ridiculously fun to fly. But unlike its competitors, it’s capable of recording live video, stills, or even stream to Android or iOS devices in 420p. Unfortunately, its flight time is no more than seven minutes, so you’re limited with the amount of video footage you can capture. It has a 100-foot range. The drone also uses 6-axis gyro stabilization, and it has a one-trick button that will allow you to do flips and rolls with the simple push of a button. It’s able to be controlled by an Android or iOS device, or the included 2.4 gHz controller. It’s available now for $75. [Purchase]

Axis VIDIUS Mini Drone 1

Axis VIDIUS Mini Drone 2