Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign

Apr 7, 2016

Category: Tech

Hoverboards, despite their futuristic (and more than somewhat misleading) name are a dime a dozen at this point. Pretty much every other teen in the U.S. has one or had one before it burst into flames – but the folks at Nepdesign have managed to salvage the concept of a two wheeled board with their Axi2.

Unlike many of the clunky and cheap looking ones you’ll see around the mall or your nephew’s house – this thing looks like something dreamed up by a team designers from a luxury car company. It’s sleek and fluid, with understated color highlights placed just under the board and by the wheels. This may just be a concept for the moment, but with any luck it’ll be be more widely produced. [Via: Yanko Design]

Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign 1

Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign 2

Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign 3

Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign 4

Axi2 Hoverboard by Nepdesign 5

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