AXEL Modular Headphones

People listen to different styles of music, and different types of music aren’t supposed to all sound the same. The AXEL Modular headphones is a set of headphones built around that concept, with each headset being built to embrace the differences in our tastes in music. There are three Soundscapes, specifically engineered speaker units, in these headphones: Pure (which has an extremely refined and open sound great for ambient, jazz, classical and indie), Deep (which has reverberating lows for full deep sounds that are best for hip hop, dance, and electronic), and Core (which has a sweet mid-range best for pop and rock).

After users choose their Soundscape, they choose whether they prefer on-ear speaker units or over-ear speaker units, and then customize the headband with one of three inserts (classic, spikes, and waves). The AXEL Modular Headphones are currently being funded on Kickstarter with over 200 backers and $44k already pledged. Potential backers can pick up an on-ear headphone set for $99, or over the ear set for $125. [Purchase]