Awake Ravik Electric Surfboard

There are few things quite as exhilarating as catching a wave, but if the waves are trash that can be a difficult thing to manage. That is, unless you’re riding atop the wirelessly-controlled Awake Ravik electric surfboard.

Built from a carbon fiber composite, this stand-up watercraft is equipped with an 11 kW brushless electric motor capable of doing up to 35mph over the water – and can even get up to speed in just over four seconds. And the electric battery that keeps the whole thing juiced will get you 40 minutes of solid ride time per charge (which takes just 80 minutes to juice up itself). Best of all, the entire ride is controlled wirelessly via a handheld control with a 1″ display that shows you everything from battery life to speed and will even let you change up the rider modes. There are even sensors onboard to detect things like temperature and an automatic kill switch that engages if you fall off. With a $1,166 deposit and a total price of just over $22,000 – this badass electric surfboard can be yours.

Purchase: $22,000